Thursday, April 27, 2006

My 28th Birthday

It’s my birthday today. In fact, it’s my 28th birthday. Now I’m entering the final year whereby I get to fill-in any forms, in the age column, with a 2-figure number starting with the number 2 hahaha….

But hey, I’m not at all afraid or getting restless due to aging. That’s the female worry indeed.. ok sorry for stereotyping. I am actually quite ok with aging as male species are not that susceptible to that kind or worry.

Now, what did I do today? Some similarity with my 27th birthday, I’m actually enjoying the “alone”ness but somehow refuse to think it’s actually loneliness. Last year, I was in Cheltenham, UK on my birthday. I was in UK for my company training. I thought birthday was supposed to bring me luck but it turned out to be the other way round. The off-training program for that day was actually a horse-racing event in Cheltenham and the naïve me thought that it must be a lucky day for me so I made a decision to bet some, eventhough I was on tight budget that time, having to spend 10 days in Italy backpacking after the training. It turned out to be a disaster. I was spot-on with my pick during the 1st race but unfortunately I didn’t place any bet for the 1st race as I opted to “tunggu dan lihat” (which is a bad strategy indeed). Thinking that my prediction is so accurate, I confidently placed my bet for the subsequent races. BUT the birthday was wrong, indeed very much wrong. In the end, I lost RM100 altogether. I know I know….. it’s not a big amount, like compared to those who donate regularly to Uncle Lim in Genting but aren’t birthday boy supposed to be lucky???? That’s why, the naïve me!

So, what about this year? As of till now, there’s still around 2 hours before it turn to 28th April. I was busy meeting my potential customers the whole day and called it off around 5.30pm. I returned to the hotel and planning to indulge myself a nice sauna in the hotel gym to soak off all the tiredness a few days ago working in some remote jungle logging camp. I went down to the ground level and found that there was a volleyball match going on at the beach. I joined the game after watching for 10 mins. It was a good game and I really did enjoy it. The sunset view was fantastic! I didn’t manage to snap some nice pics of the sunset as I was too busy with the game. I ended the game with 20mins in the sauna before going out for my dinner.

I didn’t talk to any of my friend who wishes me happy birthday though I received some sms and a colleague of mine who sang a funny version of the birthday song when I called back to check on the daily update. How do I feel about that? Hm…. Peaceful, to be frank. Hahaha…. Eventually I think I am used to spending the day quietly. But I never really did have some big birthday party held before. The only one that I remembered was when I was still a child…yeah… age is really getting into me as I forgot what age was that!

And now…. What am I doing? Watching AMAZING RACE!!! That’s what I’m doing! Now that the dentist and the nurse couple was eliminated, I was hoping either Fran and Barry or the Hippies will win it, OK… dun tell me who won it! I dun like spoiler.
(Oh no!!!!!!!!!! Fran and Barry were eliminated!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of them!!!)

SO, I’m enjoying my birthday, my 28th birthday. Hm….thinking of that, to end my celebration, I decided to put on my birthday suit tonight hehe……


Anonymous said...

How can u be so cruel.........after refusing to spend a few minutes meeting me up in KL... Bought u a gift & thought of passing to u when u were here but..... then, thought of courier to u & again, .......sigh....... no wonder u lost that RM 100! wahaha......... Just kidding. Glad to know that u had a fulfilling birthday. Mine is coming so....u know what to do to repent....hehe

sertyan said...

excuse me??? I thought you are only 27 this year??? Hello???