Monday, March 05, 2007

13rd Day - 8th Day (Saigon)

Vietnamese is a healthy lot of people. You can see people exercise everywhere... everytime virtually. I woke up early purposely on my 2nd day in HCMC to check out the morning exercise scene and it's amazing. Of course, the morning session is more with elderly people though youngsters are a lot too. I think the fact that the city has enough park and garden helps too as it's everywhere in HCMC. Later I learned that this is not only in HCMC alone but Hanoian are exercise freaks too! No wonder no fat people in Vietnam! However, come to think of it, there's no fat people in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia........ WHAT HAPPENED TO MALAYSIAN????

Saigonians playing badminton in the morning. Not a good idea to play badminton in open space? But that don't stop them, respect.

Vietnamese obaasan practising tai-chi under the guidance of a sifu, who happen to be a Caucasian (in white samfu)

A park with man-made lake with the sun shyly coming out.

The Caucasian lady is actually a wife of an expatriate in HCMC. They decided to settle permanently in HCMC (just managed to chat with her, no proper interview) Oh yeah.... they practise their tai-chi with Chinese songs as background and they use.........
帝girl花 (can't seems to find the word in Chinese pinyin) as music background!!!

One of the streets near Pham Ngu Lao St.

Kerang ? Shells ? Tonnes of them on-sale.

A typical food stall set-up, next to the small alley, on the street, you name it. Dun be turned off especially if you have strong stomach cox the food are worth checking out!!!

This shot is for my mom, who's forever to see flowers.

A bunch of schoolboys chatting their way or talking about the gals near them. I was disappointed to find that the typical Vietnamese school gals with white long dress and dark pants are nowhere to be found!!! With the bicycles and their straw hats, it's the stereotypical image I have of Vietnam, besides lotus which I didn't see much either. What captured me of the shot above is the innocence laughs and smiles on their faces when the school ends..... Oh, how I miss those days!

EXCELLENT COFFEE you can't miss in Vietnam. Took this shot after tired walking from the city centre to the Chinatown in HCMC. Their coffee is strong though not as strong as Italian espresso. The way they drink coffee is also special as you can see fom the pic. It comes with an Aluminium filtering cup and the coffee drips drip by drip. You can choose to drink it just it is or pour it to the glass with ice on the left. That's the way the locals drink it, or at least the uncles next to my table. OH..... they provide a small pot of Chinese tea as well! Kinda puzzling but I guess it is meant to wash off the strong coffee smell after that.....
all in all, a nice new coffee expereince and of course the best of it all...... YOU CAN DRINK ABOUT 4 TIMES WITH THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR A STARBUCKS

Lots of waterparks in HCMC, FULL of children. It's holiday time I guess.....

A nice local fashion store selling local designer's clothes. A compensation of my disappointment of taking any photos of Vietnamese girls in traditional clothing, this nice pretty sales girl agreed to have her pic taken. Thanks!

Anotehr flower shot for my mom

Religion is celebrated in its diversity in HCMC. This nice baby-blue mosque is located in one of the busy streets in HCMC, with temples aplenty nearby. Reminded me of Lutong, Miri where you can find mosque, church and Indian temple built next to each other.

Temple of Hokkein Association. Wa si hok kien lang.

Anotehr shot.

Nice intricate design of the temple roof top.

拜白虎. 打小人. This is the place where you see in HK drama series where they will use old clogs to beat some paper dolls to chase off 小人 or people who will harm them. In a way, HCMC is very HK-like. I heard two aunties chatting away in Cantonese while I'm taking a bus back from Chinatown.

I met a fellow traveller from HK and saw the above while walking leisurely. He (forgot his name) said that in HK itself, not many people is making the 褂 used in wedding. A tradition lost, found in HCMC.

Another temple given some new elements.

If not for the cross, I will conveniently mistaken this church as another temple.

Now this is unmistakably a church! St. Joseph.

Forgot the name of this shop but it's listed in LP. Nice noodle with simple soup.

This is equivalent to the famous 罗汉果 stall in Petaling Street. It's a herbal drink stall along the road and I bet it's a popular one as there're lots of customers. Mesti kaya punya!

Chinatown shops selling Chinese New Year (it's called tet in Vietnam) decorations!

The famous wholesale market in Chinatown.

A myriad of produce are sold here. A mini-Chatuchak I would say.

A testament of careful and skillful driving of Vietnamese drivers. The pic was taken from the bus I'm taking and the guy with #20 jersey was actually driving a motorcycle and was being sandwiched between the bus and a truck (which he tried to push). All three (the bus, motor and truck) stopped at the right moment before the motorcyclist were pressed to death. At the end, the bus driver pull the motor out from behind and then...... everybody goes their own ways and life goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hey man...its amazing..u r as good as the LP editor..after reading ur blog, as if i have visited the, i can save my $$!!so, write more in the future n i think my husband will be happy!!:)


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Great shots u have there. Vietnam is becoming irresistable! ARGHHH.. the agony of knowing I can't plan a trip there soon really tortures me!