Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kester's Wedding (Dinner + Traditional Ceremony)

OK, I got the permission from the groom himself to post these pics here. For those who's in the picture, I assumed I get your permission to post the pics so if you wish not to, please let me know and I will retract them. I dun want to be sued for privacy invasion haha......
Wish Kester and Shirley, may the road ahead filled with happiness and graced with health and joy in abundance.

The gang (L-R) : Julia, Jason, Chu Ket Ting, Seaw Kin Ming, Kester's Australian Unimate, Kester, Shirley, Pan Ting Ting, Jonathan, @t@n, Thomas and Quek

They typical yet unavoidable "yum seng" session at Table 47.

Pan Ting Ting and Jonathan

Vanessa (Mrs. Sin), Sin Wai Leam and Seaw Kin Ming

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lai

The groom-in-line - Jason, Julia and Andrew (Kathy cabut to another wedding dinner nearby - well, who else to blame except the groom himself who sent invitation last minute haha.... joking mate, your happy day!)

The gang before the dinner starts, with Mr and Mrs Andrew Tang (1st and 2nd seated from the right)

During the traditional ceremony day, ended with Kester carrying Shirley into their wedding room where the children will jump all over their new bed with candies splattered all over the bed symbolising a fast and effective baby making process (no offense, just joking)

The emergency "hing dai 兄弟" group with the bride and groom, me on the left and Kevin on the right.

One of the stolen shot from the smitten love birds.

Kester's siblings. Notice the happy tears (sorry, Jack, but tat's cool!)

Way to go Jack! Notice how Shirley assimilates Kester's smile!

The crowd request, not to be turned down.

Another shot I like; Julia mentioned something like Kester's parents peeking to see the bride's face but one thing for sure, you can't beat the happiness grin out from their smiles. Congratulations Uncle and Auntie!

Another member of the "hing dai" team, Jonathan who went half way of the process. Well, we gotta work mate!


Anonymous said...

another one got into prison..

ngo mao ji yau,
ngo sat ji yau,
siong sam tung fu,
ngan lui lau,

ngo hang cho poh,
nga cha cho lol,

alan said...

soli.. to forget to inform.. dat's me alan

liangmoichiam said...

Joe, at last i saw "Purple-kara"... hahaha.......

Anonymous said...

hi, atan... so suprise to see this in ur blog... Lo Chang Ching is my primary class mate... so happy to get his latest news from your blog...

eh, next time if u meet him, tell him that even i never meet him again after primary school, but i was still always visit to his father kedai roti at batu 8, to buy the Ngao-Si-Tat(Not much left in Sandakan liao) and bring it to my friends at KL...(yeeyin-100507)

Joey said...

It's really you that i saw that day then...i was at the same wedding dinner reception at grand port view! :p Was not really sure if it was u or not cos still dun really know you yet that time rite...thanks to leslie for the late intro though hehe