Wednesday, March 28, 2007

14th Jan - 9th Day (HCMCity to Hanoi)

My last day in HCMC and I spent the time walking around the city. Noticed the shops below? Giu Xe is actually parking shop. Lots of motorcycle thiefs around the city so it's not safe to park ur moto anywhere.

Two of my favourite fruits : Ciku (in Malay) and Fung Mau Liu Lian (in Hakka)

Indian temple in HCMCity

Trying to recall what's the name of this church................

Notice they use kemenyan?

The camera-hungry kid in the Ho Chi Minh airport.

Lotus anyone? Vietnam Airline's Logo


Cruel Angel said...

u wanna be communist izzit spend so many days in Vietnam?

Or you secretly go to buy a wife from there so selfish, help me to buy one also mah!!

CK Tan said...

Vietnam embraces capitalism as fast as a speedy supersonic jet. You don't feel like you are in a communist country at all.

Secretly buy wife? I dun hav that kind of money lah bro. Somemore, dun think you need to buy in Vietnam lah... Tupai a lot lah....