Tuesday, March 20, 2007


About 2 hours from now.... the right side of my mouth will be NUMB. Went to Dr. Teo a great dentist who's gentle and patient enough to answer my endless questions.

The tooth I had is decaying badly and on the verge of being unsalvagable and Dr. Teo did me a favor to save it.
Haha... the pic above is not to show you my seductive lips or the shyly-malnutritiously-growing facial hairs on my upper lips but the slightly swelled-numb of my right cheek.


Cruel Angel said...

felt like kissing that sexy Lips of yours.. with a bit of moustache would have spice up the kissing... Should have done that 10yrs ago when we r younger..

CK Tan said...

alan, u r crazy as ever

sertyan said...

CK, if the right side of your face swells up like a melon like yours truly last time, dun forget to take that Kodak moment. :)

CK Tan said...

wah... u "jampi" i ke? luckily my face doesn't swell like u did last time..