Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3rd KK Jazz Festival - 2nd Day - DOUBLE TAKE

Managed to wish Mia a Good Show before she got up to the stage. Hehe.... blushing fans face on me hahaha!!!!

The finger guitar master Roger Wang

The dynamic duo

The plucking that fascinates..

And the voice that mesmerises.....

Her trademark scatting..... she even explained to the audience so that they won't think she gone mental. To the uninitiated, go listen to Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday you know what's that.

The even invited the percussionist from Son2nos to jam.

Double Take is the main attraction in the line-up, at least for me.

1 comment:

chongerin said...

yes, they were the best in that two evenings *yawn*

I will seriously consider again "entering" ur "jazz" world next time :p