Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Very Sad..... Farewell Yasmin Ahmad

Just got back from watching Harry Potter 6. Prepare to sleep for Treasure Hunt tomorrow morning. It's raining so the hotel Astro's channel are having service disruption. TV3 news ended with the news of Yasmin's passing.
Al-fatihah. May God bless her soul. It's indeed another black day for Malaysia.
Guess the rain showed that they sky is weeping....

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Cruel Angel said...

one of msia world class directors... sad to see her go.

i 1st gotta know her through my brother who listen to her talk in Sedaya college some years back. Indeed my bro was impress with her intel...

2nd was when she *save* nama-wee... She said "If we dont make a hassle outta namawee songs than that song will not get famous, its the doing of those responsible for making BIG NOISE outta the song that make namawee famous."