Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paris 11 : Musee du Louvre

Besides the much "visited" Mona Lisa, there are indeed many interesting works of art in display in The Louvre.

The sculpture were so real that it's quite scary.

One of the centre piece besides Mona Lisa. It's featured in the staircase leading to the rows of halls.

The grandeur is comparable to the Vatican which I went few years back. Never fail to amaze me, at the same time wondering how much sacrifice and untold stories were behind them.

Gosh... I only realized that I didn't post any of my Italy travel pics!!! I have HK/Macau/Shenzhen pics in queue some more.... with Surabaya as well!!! Hmmm...weekend job.


chongerin said...

-.-''' now u know why I chased ur blog entries!!

CK said...

yup.. know it all the while. will definitely speed up the posting.
so now only HK, Shenzhen, Macau and Surabaya left then only I will post Italy.