Saturday, October 24, 2009

A "return" post for Cruel Angel

As I browse my previous posts, I found this and it reminded me that I am not able to attend the wedding dinner (or a prison-entering ceremony as he put it) of this dear friend of mine. So, I repost this and wish him a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE in advance and I offer my prayer to his wife-to-be, Lilian hehehehehe......

ORIGINAL POSTED March 23, 2007
I have never been a starring or centre character of any media production, be it electronic or printed ones and thanks to my dear friend Alan Cruel Angel, I am the focal point of one of his post in his post (see below):

So, to show my appreciation, I have to "return post" 正所谓, 礼尚不往来, 非礼也 !

This guy's name is "Lai Ai Lun". He used to be my worst nightmare though I don't really "HATE" him that much. I was surprised that my essay was photostated by his resourceful mother (how his mother get that essay is really a wonder!) as his reading material and that really freaked me out!!! We were classmates since standard one and YES, we are totally different in lots of ways! Yes, he got the last laugh cox his blog has more reader than mine and most importantly HE'S EARNING BIG BUCKS IN TUPAI !!!!!!!!!!! So, to all the students out there..... IF YOU WANNA EARN BIG BUCKS, FORGET ABOUT BEING TOP STUDENT ETC BUT GET A GOOD PAYING JOB BECAUSE IF YOU ARE NOT BORN RICH, NO MATTER U STUDY AS A DOCTOR OR LAWYER OR WATEVER, THE MONEY JUST WILL NOT COME TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taken in the Stella Maris hostel during Form 6 (1997). Nope, the flower was actually a gift for Emily (I think, if my memory doesn't fail me) for her birthday

He's having fun practising his prank to be perfect, I have to pretend to be perfect because I am the Head Prefect.

He always copy my homework, I always copy other people's homework.

He always looking for ilham by playing blackjack, I am pretending to have all the ilham and be a smartjack.

He always asking morally-challenging questions such as, "If Brother C%$#l&* gives you 1 million to &^%$ you, u want or not?", I am listening to my walkman and offering answer such as "Please spare me some peace, can or not?"

He is everybody's cool man, I am seen as trying-to-please-everybody-man.

He is seen as somebody with attitude, I am seen as somebody without one.

He had fun by challenging rules and becoming warrior, I was deprived of fun and becoming a teacher's servant.

He had the blessings of God to wash his clothes, I has my two hands to wash my own.

He soaked his clothes in Dynamo for weeks, I have to stand the stinking smell of the oversoaked for weeks.

He had Lim Wai Keong to accompany him to study for STPM by playing 2-person blackjack, I have everyone to accompany me in the study room while I was sleeping.

He didn't get direct to uni but earn more pounds in Tupai, I got entrance to uni but spend most of my time dreaming of earning big bucks in Tupai.

He is funny and hilarious as a speaker, I am boring, formal and dull speaker.

He tries to be every girls playmate and hitched some playmates himself, I am some girls' soulmate and got myself as my own playmate!

Taken during the 2nd day Chinese New Year in 2007. Thanks for his "coklat berkurma" from Tupai, though most of it was eaten by those who came to my house that day.

After 9 years,

He got a tummy, I got a life as boring as a mummy.

He may look like an uncle but with a fat dompet, I looked like an uncle way long time ago with a flat dompet.

He may be one every mama sue in law, I dun think I will have a mother-in-law.

He never takes life seriously and have fun, I take life seriously and deprived of all the fun.

He writes his blog funnily, I write funnily unfunny one.

By now, you should know why he used to call (maybe still) himself ALAN THE GREAT (in-line with Alexander the Great I'm sure). I salute his creativity, which is spontaneous and spot-on most of the time. Well, his mom used to thank me when we met in the street in our little Sandakan town for taking care of her son, Alan the Great during the Form 6 Benildus House time but I think I should thank her instead for an interesting roomate.


liangmoichiam said...

I LIKE HE .... I.....

Alan Cruel Angel said...

No wonder my mum photostate your essay for me to read, is not bcoz You are better than me.. is bcoz u modify it from mine.. hahaha!!
If not mistaken the borrowing thing, something to do with Jason Ho's mum..
I still recall Behind de book of yours "HAKCIPTA TERPELIHARA"..
btw, u forget to mention My Fish!.. hohoho..
Osmon Wong??