Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Star : Angry Earth

As of now....
Padang : 529 confirmed dead. Thousands more feared to be dead due to the widespread damage. (2 quakes)
Philippines : At least 246 dead after Typhoon Ketsana and now bracing for Parma. About 2 million affected and 567,000 evacuated.
Vietnam : At least 74 dead due to Ketsana
Cambodia : At least 9 dead due to Ketsana
Samoa : About 150 dead confirmed. (2 quakes)
No wonder The Star newspaper put the cover page title as Angry Earth. I hope that it will not turn into Furious Earth.
Speaking of which, Malaysia is a blessed nation to be out of the Ring of Fire which will put the country from the risk of having earthquake or serious tropical typhoon. And looking at the videos of the rakyat of the above countries facing the destuctive power of nature made me be thankful for living in such a blessed nation. However, I think it will be a disrespectful and ungrateful thing to do to just ignore the blatant corruption/wrong-doings/financial scandals/misusing public funds displayed in our eyes. Let's not be a part of them and do the right things to make sure they do not happen again!!!!!!!!

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