Saturday, October 24, 2009

2010 Budget and Me : I Wanna Move to Iskandar

1. Max Income Tax Rate dropped from 27% to 26%. (Hmm... am I in the bracket?)
2. Personal Relief increased from RM8000 to RM9000 (means additional RM1k in disposable income?)
3. 15% tax on employment income for those who work and reside in Iskandar??????? (what are we waiting for??? move our asses there!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
4. RM50 annual fees for credit card (ok.... gotta cut all those plastic now!!!! is imposing annual fees gonna deter people getting plastic? and RM50 goes to the bank that already amassing lots of profits from all the charges/fees that they currently imposing???? government should impose stricter conditions to weed out people who's not eligible to get the plastic instead!!!).
ERROR: OK, my bad!!! The RM50 goes to the government and not the banks. Sorry for that.
5. RM500 for broadband subscription fee in 2010-2012 (what about the speed? 50% penetration? just open up the monopoly to get Streamyx buck up!!!)
Itu sahaja? By the way, one glaring item that missing from the budget this year is BONUS for government servant. So, I think there'll be no general election, at least not in 2010 but again, to pump up the feel good factor, some sort of bonus will be announced on the eve of election as usual. Having said that, you know the government is really tight now, squeezed between satisfying the want of the oversized civil service and feeding the greed desires of the cronies grabbing for projects and "tenders". As RPK said, the "evaporating" expenses costs the country more than anything else. And to think that this kind of "evaporating" expenses go into the pocket of the selected fews really boils your blood, even on a beautiful Saturday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would say... Cis, bedebah!!!!

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