Thursday, October 01, 2009

Paid The Price With No Regret : The Resurrection of Jesus (Isa)

From Malaysiakini.......the former chief minister of Negri Sembilan and federal minister, Tan Sri Isa Abdul Samad answered when.......
Asked how he would deflect attacks by the opposition which would be using the issue of vote buying which had caused him to be suspended by Umno, he said: "I did not commit a crime, but had violated the party elections' code of ethics.
(Wow.... that's a big ball for a small man!!!!!!!!!)
"I have paid for it for three years, so the issue should no longer arise. People have accepted cases involving crime and some of those involved have gone on to become chief minister, minister and there are also those aspiring to become prime minister. You have all, so what's the problem?"
(I agreed one deserved being given a 2nd chance if one paid the price and take responsibility of the wrongdoings by admitting the wrongdoings but what Isa said 100% didn't show that he feels what he did is wrong - a way, maybe he didn't feel he did anything since it's what his other colleague doing in his party!!!!)
(Also the question of having paid the price is definitely questionable as the "punishment" is only by his party but money politics/vote buying is essentially corruption and as usual in Bolehland, the MACC or its predecessor, ACA didn't see it fit to get to the root of the matter. So, UMNO disciplinary is above MACC or ACA for what we see here).
*bolded are my emphasis and italics are my opinion.
*** half of the title, i.e. The Resurrection of Jesus (Isa) is borrowed from Jed Yoong. love that word play, Jed!!!

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