Sunday, August 31, 2008

God Bless Malaysia! Happy Merdeka Day

Gone were the days when we glorified our superficial achievements by the "biggest-this" and "longest-that" idiotic record-breaking feats to commemorate the independence days that continuously hypnotize our mind.
Now come this 51st Merdeka Day, let us ponder and really think about our nation's future, how to work out the problems surfacing after donkey years of oppression under the dictatorship of a powerful leader to face the bigger problems and challenges that we definitely gonna face soon.
There are so many people who's irrelevant in the current political scenario that had to be phased out for the better future of the country to stop them from blocking the progress that we desperately need.
For once and all, stop "meng-angkasa-kan" a particular race or "men-setinggan-kan" or "meng-Hindraf-kan" others, and instead, start building a better Bangsa Malaysia. Let's be MERDEKA in its truest and purest form of mentality and mind.
God Bless Malaysia!!!


steph said...

"...that had to be phased out for the better future of the country..." I like tis phrase ;-P

CK said...

glad tat u like it.