Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good People Aplenty - Thanks Olivier

OK, my trip this time was again blessed with good people I met along the way so far. And my host in Montpellier is one fine example of that!!!! Olivier is a complete anti-thesis of me but at the same time quite alike me in some ways. He is quiet, not excessively and VERY generous (these are the parts similar to me haha...)

I stayed with him (I know him from CouchSurfing) for 3 nights and he's indeed an interesting guy. He likes Chinese culture well, he has a Chinese girlfriend and he has Chinese character Tshirts. I got to know that he's practising Mandarin from his profile in CS and unfortunately, we didn't manage to practise a lot haha... He cooks too!!! Thanks to him, I tasted rachlette and of course nice desserts which he love. Went with him for a French dinner in which he patiently explain the menu to me for about 15mins and the waiter came to take our order for at least 2 times but we haven't finish the explaining session. He introduced me to the "looks like coffee-smells like coffee" drink chicoree which I'm shamefully drinking one cup every morning.

He's very knowledgable in the culture of France and answered lots of questions from the ignorant me. He's well equipped with suggestions of places to visit and go, not only in Montpellier but other part of France as well. Thanks to him, I embarked on an exploration of the "fake-painting" in Montpellier on my last day there.

Oh, on the last night, he offered me a free ticket to watch a movie. I did watch a movie in Indonesia before I mean how different can The Mummy 3 can be in Indonesia besides the seat was much better than Malaysia's but watching a movie in France? Haha... but tat didn't seem to be a problem for me, well not because I'm fluent in French in 3 days but the movie we watched was Wall E, which hardly has any dialogue at all so the French dialogue didn't bother me that much. And it's a good movie too!!! Of course the cinema is nicer and more comfortable but the price also higher. The discounted ticks is 6.70euro but the full fare ticket will be about 9euro, about RM45.

I really thank him for his hospitality and wish him all the luck in his future plan working nearer to his girlfriend. Montpellier definitely very enjoyable to me thanks to his friendly and comfortable couch!


CruelAngel said...

so did you show him malaysia greetings?

You ANWARED him or He ANWARED You?

By ANWARing, you and him are doing Msia & France a good connection!


chongerin said...

Get me something on my big day.. something that indicates 2008.2008 pls.. THANK YOU!!

CK said...

im sure know how you greet all those Middle Easterns haha......

wow... where got ppl so nggak tahu malu punya. mahu sampai cakap keluar kat mulut???

Hope said...

more pictures please! :)

CruelAngel said...

your guys sleep in the same bed?

How big is the bed?

Anonymous said...

Indeed this world is full of goodness just that sometimes evil overcloud it!

good luck !

CK said...


pics hav2 wait for a while. patienze.


it's called couch surfer so it'a couch.


yes. and the worst is tat the evil masked behind the goodness haha... just joking. i am positive tat there,re many goodness in the world.

CruelAngel said...

Indeed a good style counch! so what brand did you use?

The ever reliable 003 or some chap ayam?

I bet you enjoy the FRENCH KISS with the FRENCH GUY!

So romantic!!!

steph said...


Very brilliant! No more js a noun, it has became a verb ;-)


Wouldn't mind to c a picture of tis very generous n sweet Olivier ;-P

CruelAngel said...

Yes... i want to see picture two of you French Kissing with the scene of Eiffel Tower behind you.


CK said...


you can make fun of me, well, cox im your friend and i know you. but pls respect other people. not everyone appreciate your sense of humour and it's not a license to provoke and irritate anyone. just a friendly reminder here.

RunWitMe said...

Wowow! Glad that you enjoyed your trip so far. Wall-E? So have you started to differentiate objects by their sex? Le for male. La for female? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Cruelangel mind you languages, French people are one of the most sensitive type.

They are romantic as well. I am sure tan will have a great time there.

Paris is the place I haave my 1st kiss.

CK said...


oh... i still have not acquire the language skill.


wow... so romantic!!! ur 1st kiss wif a French gal?