Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Mother of All Election

OK, I should be out and exploring Paris but I haven't. It's 825am which is way past my usual go-out routine when I'm travelling and also my usual routine of having breakfast the most 1hr after I wake up. The sky is gloomy, oh... it had been raining on Sunday though yesterday was sunny and I get a good glimpse of Eiffel and Notre Dame Cathedral. So maybe it's gloomy turn today.
However, I do hope it's gonna be all sunny and bright in Malaysia especially in Permatang Pauh. I hope all the voters go out and vote for whoever they think can represent them. It's their basic rights and whoever try to prevent them from doing so or manipulating them in any way are in no respect to the country's constitution.

OK, I will stop being neutral, I would like to say, vote for Anwar. I am not totally convinced of how he can turn the country around but at least he's a good choice compared to Arif Shah who represents the racist-corrupted regime BN and UMNO. And again, with change, there's hope. And it's this hope that sparked me to believe that we can be a nation of one Bangsa Malaysia.

To the racist corrupted regime, this is for you.

(I took this picture in the Basilica in Grenoble where a contemporary art exhibition was held, aptly dedicated to the racist corrupted regime)

I will wait patiently for the sms informing me of the result of this Mother of All Election while pondering where to go exploring in Paris....


Anonymous said...

Today at 12pm, when I surf TheStar website, I read the news about a man in PKR shirt was arrested in Pematang Pauh for attacking an elderly women who try to cast her vote. The news was highlighted in yellow “latest” so it must be on the spot latest news.

My first thought was it was outrages made up story from the TheStar so I ignored it. When I tried to search for the same news an hour later, it was no where to be found.

I bet those stupid editors of TheStar notice that not even a 5years old will believe that f8cking stupid story! You a88hole Editor!

Did anyone else read this news on TheStar Website, I’m keen to know if I got optical illusion or am I dreaming?

chongerin said...

Wow, provocative shot!

CK said...

the sun came out finally. and yes, PR won and BN lost BIG TIME!!!!