Friday, February 06, 2009

我的情怀 I :她的第一次 My Nostalgia I : Her First Time

顺子 Shunza (1997)

The first artist I feature here is Shunza 顺子. I still remember when I first bought her cassette (not CD), one of my hostel mate Calvin asked me why I bought albums like that. Well, he's very much into Gigi Leung that time so I guess that explains hahaha.

I first heard the song 回家 (Come Home) <1997> over the radio (I mean REAL radio and not over the internet) and totally hooked. And I still remember I got to know that the MTV was going to be played in a TV program, something RIM Chart the Chinese version and made sure myself sit in front of the TV at 7pm. But I think the program showed on Sat and since I was staying in the hostel during my Form 6 years in La Salle Benildus House, time is really a luxury. I forgot what's the reason but that day, I think brother is not there or that was actually our free week so I get to sit in front of the TV and saw this MTV and it got me hooked.

The voice and style of singing is refreshing and the song above was an instant hit!

But not many people know the other songs that are good in her debut album! She's very talented musically, writing and arranging most of the songs herself. Not surprising for someone with both parents as musicians. Her parents separated during her childhood time and her mom brought her travelling as musicians and she's known as the gypsy singer. She didn't sing typical Chinese songs in the typical Chinese ways that time and this made her stand out from the others. Her works are critically acclaimed though not mass-friendly. She made history by winning both the Best Newcomer and Best Female Singer award in the Taiwanese Grammy.
Other listening-worthy songs are 不想一个人 (Nights Alone Cryin') 永远等待 (Where Did We Go Wrong?), 太阳 (Sun) and 那那那那 (Na Na Na Na). Her songs are mostly R&B and electronica. Very heavily influenced by the African-American style. Produced by 滚石, a guarantee of quality at that period of time.
P/S : Please let me know if you see the CD version of this album.

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Jed Yoong said...

first time heard of her.
tks. always nice to listen to new music.