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我的情怀 II :他的第一次 My Nostalgia II : His First Time

陶吉吉 David Tao (1997)

Speaking of David Tao, I still remember the 毛骨悚然 moment when I first heard his song over the radio. I still remember the radio station. It's a multi-language Voice of Asia, broadcast from Taiwan if I am not wrong. The DJs has immaculate perfect Mandarin and soothing voice. Their mandarin session was 10-12pm everyday. The first song by David I listened to was 流沙 (Everything's Gone - literally translated Flowing Sand) and I was completely mesmerised!!!!!!!!! No Chinese male singer sings RnB like he did. OK, he grew up overseas that explains right but his songs were so cool that time. At least for me. Most of his songs (debut album) are mushy-mushy though towards later stage his songs are more ambitious and talking more about big love, world peace and etc.
His smooth silky rendition of 流沙 (liu-sha) captivated me at that moment itself. I still remember asking my buddy Sherry to search for his album and the one taken above was bought by her. I couldn't remember how Sherry send it to me or pass it to me because she was studying in KL already that time while I'm in KK enduring my Form 6 life. Thanks Sherry!
The whole album is a gem! Another catchy fast accepted number is 飞机场的 10:30 (Airport in 10:30) with the classic sound dub of airplane taking off. David's style RnB is distinct in this particular song and his falsetto is amazing. Another karaoke and reality singing competition favourite is 爱,很简单 (I Love You - literally translated as Love, So Simple). Joanna Wang recently cover the number in English.
沙滩 (Blue Moon - literally translated as beach) is another favourite covered by Tanya Chua successfully and countless other flop attempts by other singers. 王八蛋 (Bastard) is one of my favourite song!!!!!!!! It's always fun to sing this number especially when you want to release your anger or such. "你这个没有心的王八蛋 你会有一天后悔" (you heartless bastard, you will regret one day). not to love the song???
是是非非 (Yes No Song - Yes Yes No No) Catchy chorus in perfect harmonious background vocal.
心乱飞 (Do I Do I) Another perfect vocal choreography with catchy chorus!!!
十七岁 (Our Love - 17 years old) This is interesting as the song fade in with a phrase in Malay!!! Yes, it's "Kembalilah....Itu saja sayangku....Terima Kasih.
望春风 (Spring Wind) A great remake of the Hokkien classic which later become a style of David's album to feature a remake of a classic.
The release was successful and gimmick to blasting the radios with his songs but no release of photos or David himself in person made it such a mystery to the market at that time. He made his mark in the Chinese music scene since then and claimed to be the Chinese Father of R&B.
P/S : Anyone who saw a CD version of this album please let me know. I would like to buy it. Thanks.

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