Saturday, February 07, 2009

我的情怀 III :她的第一次 My Nostalgia III : Her First Time

梁静茹 Fish Leong 一夜长大 (1999)
OK...I have to admit that initially I have no interest in this singer. Not that I am not patriotic (she's from Malaysia but made her debut in Taiwan) or she's not pretty (I guess it's quite obvious from the album cover) but I am not really into sweet sugary voice so I kinda dismissed her song (yeah....I know I am that close-minded).
But thanks to Calvin (yeah..the same Gigi Leong Calvin mentioned previously), he lent me this cassette and recommend to me relentlessly!!! And yes, I love it. The album was produced by the legendary Jonathan Lee 李宗盛 and apparently Fish was discovered by him! She's the earliest Malaysian Chinese female singer who made it big and Rock Music contributed much to her success.
The title track 一夜长大 (Growing Up Overnight) is the best in my opinion. The song has good lyrics penned by Jonathan and again it's his signature style with talking-style lyrics (but not rap) which made you feels like she's actually talking to you in rhythmic melodic way. The song was composed by 许华强 who also wrote another fantastic track called 解脱 sang by 张惠妹 (Ah Mei).

成长是, 爱情非自发性唤醒自己的过程
成长是, 懂得失去, 习惯寂寞, 适应彩虹与爱情的相似性
成长是, 尝试不露痕迹, 告诉我爱情的道理

Other notable tracks are 彩虹 (Rainbow) by 五月天 (Mayday), 迷路 (Lost) and 对不起我爱你 (Sorry, I Love You).

I actually accidentally tore the cover so I bought a new one to return to Calvin. This was the original Fish he lent me hahaha...


erinc said...

during the era of cassette ey

Cruel Angel said...


right music for Malaysia FUTURE!

Waiting for the day you replace YAB DATUK KHOO!

Hope said...

I think she has a nice voice. Although the name sounds quite weird to me.