Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Cast; Again, What's Next???

Seriously, the outcome of the Perak fiasco isn't anything surprising isn't it? I again seriously think that PR can't do much to revert the outcome. Yeah...go sue the sultan but do you think the court will consider it? Sue based on what? Not following legal procedure? I think there're so much loopholes and given the efficiency of our courts, it's not going anywhere. Silap haribulan, it won't face the day when the next GE come.... Plus suing the monarch for whatever it is will invite backlash form the hardcore feudalism-embedded Malays, which are still aplenty especially in the rural area.

If PR (well...if PR still stays as PR) is really far-sighted, they should correct the fundamental mistakes they made in their candidates, both the state assembly and also the parliamentary seats. It's high time for them to REALLY assess their candidates for the future election. Come on, we know a lot of the candidates are NOT qualified or worse still, suspicious. How? Maybe they're the cast away people eliminated from their BN parties before this? Or those with corrupted-gene heavily infested in their mind lost out to their other super-corrupted-gene comrades in their previous BN parties?

For future election, I hope if I'm gonna vote for PR, I really hope I vote not only for PR but also vote for the candidate who impressed me as well.

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