Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We Live In Interesting Times........... And Sabah is Weeping to See Another Comrade Falling Soon...........OH And I Think Brunei Sultan Is Stranded???

Well....first of all, the day starts as a boring and dreadful one for me. I had fever yesterday and spent the night with the weakening medication. Woke up quite early as I have to settle some work before driving outstation to Kunak, which took about 4 hours one way. Yes.... dreadful!!! And the rain never stop.............
I started my journey around 9am and reach my customer's site around 2pm and it's raining ALL the way. Finished my job about 5pm and still raining. Rushing back lah!!! Apa lagi???
Along the way I saw the water level on the drains along the road almost seeping into the tarred road already hence it's like those disaster movies I'm driving my Ford trying to leave the scene as soon as possible while the flood sign getting more and more prominent!
The real pang hit when I reach Mile 16 Sandakan near the Gum Gum Market. There was a line queuing up already and most of them are small sedan car... The Proton Wira in front of me trying to be a WIRA lah.... and potong the queue wanting to storm across the flooded road but stopped just before that. But it blocked the two lanes lah!!!!!!!!!! Aiyah brother....sometimes gotta ukur baju di badan sendiri lah......
My Ford bravely crossed it without much trouble. 4x4 high mah kan? The next one was Sepilok and then it had a few more. The stretch between Golf Club and the Rotary Club Clock Tower roundabout is the worst and after I crossed it, there was a Gen2 with smoke coming out from the exhaust and engine. Another hurdle was the entrance of the Forestry Department.
During the adventurous journey, my friend Amanda called and told me about the PR Perak government might be toppled according to the evening news. And it crossed my mind. Sabah is WEEPING. Why??? Kenapa????? It's all because Sabah is the first victim of defection-caused government change. That is why it's WEEPING.
Speaking of the Perak government fiasco...gosh....I just said I refrained commenting any in my previous post but I couldn't help it now.
Look at this :
1. BOTA defected to PKR. Anwar gembiranya!!!
2. "Corruption-trial" duo rumoured to defect to UMNO.
3. DAP Hee still ding dong as she'll be the determining factor.
4. Suddenly BOTA defect BACK to UMNO????
My Take :
1. BO ta Assemblyman mempersiasuikan.
2. The duo lagi tak payah cakap.
3. Ah Sou you can keep on ding ding dong dong lah.
4. Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" playing in my head..... It's like rain on your wedding day -'s the 25th anniversary of Sultan Azlan Shah's throne. Well, it's kinda an irony for Anwar as well. Remember the Sabah PBS case?
Also........SULTAN BRUNEI IS IN SANDAKAN. Dengar dengar dinner in Libaran Mile 7.... Aiyah....if flooded just stay in Musa Aman's house lah... though it's not as big as Sultan Brunei's palace but dengar dengar that one also not that bad wor............
Last but not least..... I hope Sultan Azlan do the right thing. Let's pray..........
oh, one more thing......... besides the Land of Sodomy, Malaysia proudly present herself as the Land of Missing Person (Maybe the TV program Without A Trace should have a local spin-off) well.... we have Bala the SD guy, DAP's Hee, the "duo", the UMNO-PKR-UMNO Nasaruddin and many to come I guess, though those we hope REALLY go missing and never come back still lingering around. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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According to the latest news (7pm), Sultan Azlan Shah seems like not doing what rakyat want...