Friday, March 06, 2009

Friends Who Travel IX (Couch Surfing)

It was quite some time that I didn't host anyone via couchsurfing or hospitalityclub. I received a request from Lydie and Gabriel from France and since I was in KK during the time they were there, I decided to meet them at night and bring them around. Brought them to my usual place in Damai and showed them the local haunt!
They had a great adventure with car broke down in Kudat and missed the chance to visit Rungus village. Not only they were disappointed but me too because I never been to one and hope to hear from them. They hitchhiked from Kudat to Ranau via Kota Belud (bravo... cox I myself taken the Kota Belud-Ranau route before!!!) and took a bus to Sandakan.
Gabriel (L), me and Lydie (R) with the tasty Chartreuse
They stayed in Sandakan B&B in the harbour square. After dinner, they invited me to their hostel to have a taste of Chartreuse. I am not sure if Michel and Guy mentioned about this before but since it's actually a specialty from Grenoble, I think Guy did mention. Anyway, it's very nice strong drink and we chatted till 12am+ on topics from Malaysia to France, sharing views on capitalism, communism, Sarkozy and Mahathir (haha... so serious huh?) to travel adventures and funny stories on different cultures etc. It was an enjoyable night spent with them!!! Will definitely hope to meet them again in the future, in Malaysia or France!!!!

Guy and Michel, it's great stuff from Grenobles!!!

Last but not least, wish you two a great adventure!!!!!!!! Happy Travelling!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What can we say more after this sweet summary? Thank you so much CK for this very nice evening. We feel always better after a little shot of Chartreuse, and it let you to make nice dreams...Now you know where the best place of the world is! :-p

Hope to see you again in France or elsewhere,

Lydie and Gabriel