Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pelanduk Dua Serupa : Reza & Landy

The above album is by an Indonesian singer called Reza, recommended to me by a friend of mine in Indonesia. She used to be a sexy singer with husky and sexy voice singing a lot of dance tunes. Released in 1997, "Keajaiban" is a good album with some nice songs, some familiar to us Malaysians if you listen to Malay songs.
My favourite is "Satu Yang Tak Bisa Lepas", a ballad nicely sung by her. "Pertama" also quite a catchy number but the one that ring the bell will be "Dia". Yes, it's the same song by our local Malaysian Jazz Queen Sheila Majid. Apparently the song was written by an Indonesian and it's a hit by Sheila. Reza mixed it up and made the song more to a dance music and it's fun.

I couldn't help but think of Landy Wen Lan 温岚 when I saw Reza's album cover. They look very alike. The picture above of 温岚 is the later years of her but when she just came out to the music scene, 温岚 look really alike Reza. But they seems to take different route in their singing career as 温岚 became more sexy now changing her musics to more danceable catchy tunes though I think her ballads are very good, especially her earlier ones composed by Michael or Jay Chou, i.e. 眼泪知道, 北斗星, 爱你的两个我, 蓝色雨 etc.

To see how much they look alike, check out the video below, a duet of 温岚 and Jacky Wu.

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