Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japan vs Malaysia

Well, it shouldn't be vs. Read an article in Newsweek on Japan and it made me realize why Mahathir introduced the "Dasar Pandang Ke Timur"/Look East Policy.
In a way, Malaysia is VERY similar to Japan. Well, not in a way like our KL transportation system is comparable to Tokyo's; nor in the way the cleanliness of Tokyo made even the KLCC area hide in shame not to mention places like Puduraya etc; not in the way our ah beng ah lian dressed like those Harajuku's anime or gothic or whatsoever style in Japan.
But the fact that Japan had been under the LDP for almost as long as BN ruled our country. Also the fact that LDP is currently lacking seriously in capable leader. You say we are not? How about a non-English speaking (only at certain times) potential Deputy Prime Minister?
Mahathir should be proud of this. At least when 2020 we are still not developed, he can take consolation of the success of his Look East Policy. Speaking of Mahathir... he's gonna attend (according to Marina Mahathir's blog) the Biggest Assembly of the Future Opposition Party (steal the "gotcha" from Jed Yoong....) tomorrow. Wonder what racist trashes he will spurn out...

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