Friday, March 06, 2009

2009 KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt

OK, it's a dismal performance of ours. Yeah... it's been quite a long time we didn't hunt together. Yeah, we get rusty after all the dormant months. And lots more excuses if we keep on but the fact is that we did terrible this time. Result accepted but I can't deny we had great time and that's all it matters right? Hahaha....

We got #3, went on the podium last year ( see here and here ) so it's natural we aim for #1 and #2 this year lah kan (though it's quite impossible since the KL teams are here) but in the end, we got both. We got 12 !!!!!!!!!! Hasrat termakbullah kan???
Auspicious number kan? #8 wor.... but our placing was even worse than #8.

Thanks to Adidas, we got a free jersey instead of the flimsy usual hunt T-shirt. Yellow and White. So, after a good warm-up exercise, we flagged off from Nexus Karambunai.

The famous hunter/runner who made it to the podium as the Sabah king this year. Congrats Corny! Stacy the previous AF winner performed and she claimed that she hunt as well!!! Tak perasan lah beb!!!

After few rounds of feel-good lucky draw, the prize giving started. The regulars include Ayam Kokok but where's Renee???
Moira and her sis picking up their prizes
Moira and Jason's team

OK... our team... The Bache"lords" hahahaha
Team Main Tembak
Shirley and her team

The 2nd generation of Main Tembak team... Bravo!!!!!
But but but..... the mock cheque was ours last year!!!! Sob sob sob....

I didn't manage to take Corny's team photo as I was using Corny's camera to capture their winning moment. Above was the winner from KL.

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chongerin said...

Hey, I knew Alvin WOng fr Main Tembak! He's still active in T. Hunt oh.. and was that Dr L. in Shirley's team, or his twin? (really, he has a twin).
Tan, u knew most of d participants?
U said max. 4/group, can I tag along as sleeping member next time?? hehe..