Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grenoble : My Glimpse of the Alps

Guy and Michel had to go back to Grenoble to attend their relative's funeral so it was a good chancec to have a glimpse at Grenoble. Guy is actually from Grenoble and yeah... meeting Lydie and Gabriel few days ago reminded me of Grenoble and my unfinished task of posting my photos in France so here you go.....

A small nice city with nice gardens everywhere.

I took the cable car to the Fort de la Bastille, Grenoble best known landmark.

Mont Blanc was supposed to be seen in good day and its whitish peak but it was summer during my visit. Grenoble is located in the broad valley with Chartreuse in the north, Vercors in the south (which is nice and I went to quite some of it with Guy and Michel later...) and Alps in the east.

This reminded me of the same river across Firenze, though it's less crowded and buzz comparatively.

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