Monday, June 22, 2009

3rd KK Jazz Festival - 1st Day

The night was started with the SIA Kudos from the Sabah Institute of Art. The female lead vocalist has a nice voice.

Jonathan Tse doing his boy-next-door-with-a-guitar thing. He's armed with an album and of course his passion for music. He can go far and doing more live shows like this can certainly boost up his confidence and his showmanship. Local talents need to be supported.

Jonathan was trying hard to get the crowd moving.

Jason Mraz vibe?

The MCs did a commendable job creating the "ambiance" for an entertaining night.

The foremost acapella group from KL called Six to Eight.

They did some interesting tunes such as Billie Jean (I still remember Double Take's Mia version I heard somewhere someplace ago), Can't Take My Eyes Off You and YMCA. My opinion is that the female voices are a bit weak and it takes off some attention listening to them. As acapella is without musical instrument, the voice is very important to keep the audience glued. Or interesting funny dancing gestures of the male member on the far right can keep the attention as well.

The Son2nos.
I remember watching them the first time in the 2nd Miri Jazz Festival. They were also part of the line-up in the 2nd KK Jazz Fest in 1Borneo in 2008, which I didn't attend as the indoor venue turned me off.

Boasting international member line-up and their brand of Latin-infused musics, I think the organizer tauted them as the crowd puller or can be instrumental in getting the crowd to dance. I can only say, not quite this time. Not entirely their fault cox I think the "dance-floor" and stage arrangement contributed too.

If they're performing in the 2nd instalment, then it's their 3rd appearance this time. I will guess they'll still be here for the 4th time.

Some babes went up the stage to dance but all I can say is, it pales compared to the one I saw in Miri. See it here and here if you haven't.

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