Monday, June 22, 2009

3rd KK Jazz Festival - Yang Tak Berkenaan dan Yang Lalu

The just concluded 3rd KK Jazz Festival created a mixed feeling in me. Being a jazz fans I think I have a lot to say but yet somehow don't know how to say it. Anyway, I will start a series on the performances and some observations I made during the 2-days event.

I am an avid reader but in the middle of a concert/performance? Hmm.....

Of course.... fiddling with the handphone is even more common.

These sound engineers are cool... One of them brought a toy with them. It's like their lucky charm or something?

Meanwhile, if you guys are interested to know my take on the 1st KK Jazz Festival and also the 2nd Miri International Jazz Festival (I couldn't find the link for the 1st instalment in my hard drive), click the following link:

1st KK Jazz Festival

2nd Miri International Jazz Festival Part 2

2nd Miri International Jazz Festival Part 1

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