Thursday, June 04, 2009

PKR? I Have Reservations Now

OK... the appointment of a civil servant to head the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai which was welcomed by a boycott of PKR councillars is another blunder in PKR. I think the PKR Penang especially has a lot of detoxing, cleansing whatever it is to do to avoid being turned into another UMNO, a multi-racial ones (from somewhere I read).

The so called PKR whip came up with reasons such as previous agreements in-between Pakatan Rakyat component parties didn't really augur well to me and I strongly believe I am not the only one feel that way. It's very much obvious that these are a group of power-grabbing, position-seeking people who will destroy the party and the coalition in the end. As I said before after the PKR duo in Perak were being investigated for accepting bribe, PKR and DAP, to a certain extent need to do some house cleaning on their current crop of MPs and assemblymen.

Anwar should focus more on this agenda which I seriously think is more important trying to be Prime Minister (if that's what he wants) because as much as it's possible for PR to turn over the table in the next election, it can be another way round with all these scums in the house infecting the coalition from inside.

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