Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another WTF AGAIN???

Amir Muhammad must be having a field day recently if he's still collecting the quotes of stupidity uttered by Malaysians. I read this in Niamah, Patrick Toeh's blog and it really got me ROTFL!!!

Director-General of teh Department of Environment (DOE) Datuk Rosnani Ibarahim said, "It just looks haze but there's no haze in Malaysia at the moment"

Read in full here. I rest my case.


Lily said...

To become a minister in Malaysia, 1st qualification you need is: speaking for the sake of speaking. don't need to have meaning at all!
"he's not stupid.. just like do stupid things"
"We welcome direct approach.. please go through the middle man for direct approach."
"it is not haze.. just looks hazy"
hahaha.. no wonder we are not qualified to become a minister. ;P

Hope said...

wtf?? lol!!

So much for an explanation.

zewt said...