Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chong Wei Won Too

The highly expected mouth-watering semi final was a foregone disappointment. So, stop dreaming of a game between laduk and Super Dan.
Our laduk beat the erratic Taufik Hidayat in final in just two sets. Credit should be given where it's due and it's quite obvious that Hidayat is well passed his glory.
I am biased I admit because I always think that the charm of our laduk will be significantly reduced when the opponent is Lin Dan.
Having said that, I always like to watch Taufik play though he has tonnes of eccentricities and bad habits such as giving up the game but he has the charm when playing.


chongerin said...

I hate to admit. I liked watching Taufik play too.

Glad that CW won!

Cruel Angel said...

Chong wei totally outclass Taufik but my fave players still taufik.

Taufik *bersahaja* style same like our Habis Hasbeen but Taufik *was* producing result.

CK said...

tat's wat i said, taufik has the charm.