Sunday, December 20, 2009

《聖誕快樂》- (1984)

I never know that this song was actually featured in the movie. The movie is like the must-watch come every Christmas when I was a small kid. Of course, at the time, there were not many TV channels around, not even TV3 let alone paid cable. The movie will be shown without fail in TV2 or RTM2 at that time EVERY Christmas.. I mean... EVERY Christmas, just like another movie during Chinese New Year (let that be another post in the future). Helmed by Karl Mak and Paula Tsui, this feel-good movie also starred a lot of actors who's not here anymore, i.e. Leslie Cheung and Danny Chan.


chonge said...

EVERY Christmas?? That's an extreme lack of resources in a tv station!! This year leh??

CK said...

last time kan? of course not now lah