Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two Lovers (2008)

Two Lovers (2008)
Joaqui Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Isabella Rosselini
Tagline : Sometimes we leave everything to find ourselves

OK. I can hardly finish the movie. It's a rare occasion for me to abandon the movie (even if it's watching DVD) half way and I did just that for this. According to IMDB, this movie got rave reviews and most of them gave 8-10 stars out of ten and I TOTALLY didn't get it at all. I think the plot is lame and kinda predictable. The reviews raved about Phoenix's performance but I just didn't get it. Maybe it didn't appeal to me so that's my own personal problem. For Paltrow, I always think she's not the classic beauty but she has something in her though she didn't do much here. Isabella Rosselini is great as usual but that's enough for me to endure the whole film. Having said that, you should try it yourself. And let me know. I feel sorry for not finishing the movie.

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Anonymous said...

U didn't finish this movie? No wonder u dun understand when I said this movie was made purely to showcast both Phoenix & Paltrow's acting. I was extremely disappointed with the plot. Sherry