Thursday, December 03, 2009

We Still Have Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar!!!!!

From by Tay Tian Yan..............

50 years ago, everyone said Malaysia was the best, even better than Hong Kong and Japan.

30 years ago, they said Malaysia was not that bad, at least we were as good as Korea and Taiwan (Hong Kong and Japan were no longer mentioned by them).

20 years ago, they said Malaysia was still quite okay, at least we were better than China and Thailand (Taiwan and Korea were no longer in the same league).

10 years ago, they said Malaysia could never be like Vietnam or Indonesia, no matter how terrible it was (China was not in the same category any more).

Today, Vietnam and Indonesia have far outpaced Malaysia in economic development, the gap is fast closing in.

What to worry? We still have Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar!

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Lily said...

Laos, Papua New Guinea, Timor- Timor,Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Island, Samoa.... a long list to go!! hahaha..
Anyway, if 2010 is going to happen, who cares how develop you are? haha..
Very pathetic indeed.