Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of An Era in Sandakan

Sandakan's 1st KFC. It's gonna be closed soon as the 2 "FOR RENT" banners indicated. As evident from the photo, it's on a prime location, in one of the busiest junctions in Sandakan.

One of the main attraction of the premise is that it's the best location for people watching. Of course during my school time which was at least 15 years ago, it's the prime hang out place. And of course, there's no Starbucks or Coffee Bean around so KFC is the "in" hang out place after school, birthday party venue and gathering/meeting place as well.

I had lots of memories of this place. I remembered I bring my parents to have their 1st KFC here too. Both me and my sister belanja them. There was another time I remember after some First Aid Competition where all of us had some meals there and did some nasty stuff there. Some of us put some ice chips into the tomato/chilli sauce bottles and some were being reprimanded and scolded by the managers there too!!! Hahaha... not me though.

So, what about you????

NOTE : I had my last KFC in 2009 today, courtesy of the cash coupon from Esther. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

还记得我要去KL留学的前一天, 我们都在这一间KFC谈天,还深深的在我脑海里面,很不舍得。。。


Cruel Angel said...

last KFC... so sad... no more KFC,

sehseh said...

Ah, going to miss this joint... despite the crumbly setting and rat tales, this place did provide a lot of nice memories from secondary school era.

Btw, is Fat Cat Restaurant still around?