Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now All The Juices Squeezed Out....

....after you squeezed his balls and he squeezed your balls????
24hrs after the 500mil-1bil mis-claimed by Kuala Dimensi SB thingy leaked and a police report was made by the PKA (Port Klang Authority), the top brass in Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd came up the shocking revealations that RM10 mil was donated to the MCA President last year. Also Ong Tee Keat owed USD 40,000 for using the company's private jet.
See... now you know why I said all the juices were squeezed out???
I think Tiong King Sing really go all out after Ong Tee Keat vowed to go all out on the PKFZ fiasco. In fact, the news on the private jet use was leaked before as some warning I think.
Anyway, the truth deserved to be known and I expect more juices to come out soon.....

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chonge said...

eh.. ur lingo is becoming like Alan's one.
Don't lar..