Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Most Disturbing Trailer

I mean I had a good weekend getaway, enjoyed lots of things (which by the way will be posted soon) and of course, nothing beats having holiday in the weekday where other people work but the recent developments in Malaysia during the merdeka month really ruined things up.
I was waiting for the movie UP which was purportedly reported as another gem from Disney/Pixar and trailers were up now but the most disturbing trailer started showing it's face now.
Port Klang Assemblyman, Badrul Hisham Abdullah (PKR) was rumoured to be missing and "uncontactable" during several party official functions and meeting. Read here . So people, it's not some sense of deja vu but just another pirated version of the Perak debacle involving 2 PKR assemblyman and that Hee woman from DAP.

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chongerin said...

I watched UP last night :)