Friday, August 07, 2009

Hong Kong 4 : 2009 HK International Flower Show

One of the biggest challenge travelling with family especially for a usual lone ranger like me is to find some places of interest that are common to everyone and thank god during my 1st overseas family trip to Hong Kong, it's the international flower festival!!! My parents' cup of tea!!!!
The show was held at the Victoria Garden 维多利亚公园 (维园)

It was quite bizzare especially no matter which direction you aim your camera at, you will find the concrete jungle staying stubbornly as your background.

There were so many booths around and the flowers on exhibition were not limited to outdoor type but some indoor ones as well.

Walking around the Victoria Garden was like doing tanning. See the umbrella?

Besides flowers, the most commonly seen items are CAMERA!!!

Some conceptual interior design on display as well.

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