Saturday, August 08, 2009

3rd KK Jazz Festival - 2nd Day - Final Jam That Ended Abruptly

The final jamming session that usually end the festival with a high note was very much an anti-climax as it ended suddenly, "See You Next Year" I mean..... what????
The usual suspect Son2Nos who's always there.

As I said, I wish to see them being featured more.

I seriously Mia and Roger should take more charge during the jamming session. I remember the 1st time in the Jesselton Point, Mia was kinda reluctant when being asked to go on stage during the final performance with Denise and this time around, she's did that as well. My friend said maybe she don't want to steal the limelight or being a good host of letting the guest performer (not local) have the fun.

I hope Mia and Roger take charge next time and bring the house down!!!!

Eugene is having fun but I guess he will have more of it in a different time and place.

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