Saturday, August 08, 2009

3rd KK Jazz Festival - 2nd Day - Jun Kung & The Junk Unit featuring Greg Lyons and Eugene Pao

The last performance comes with big names such as Greg Lyons and Eugene Pao, who to those uninitiated, are BIG names in the scene in the region. Lyons started out as a bassist but now a respected saxaphonist while Eugene had been an eminent figure in the jazz scene in HK in particular.

I like this keyboard player who's so cool with his shorts!

The great Greg with his exquisite soxaphone!!!

Eugene doing his thang!!!

Master with his fingers working out.....

The passion channeled not only through his music... apparently.

Love the saxaphone so much....aged but perfecto mundo!

Nothing beats watching and listening to the musicians jamming

I was kinda surprised with the appearance of Jun who's definitely recognizable to those who are familiar with the HK music scene. He is 恭硕良 who tried his luck in the mainstream music scene few years back. But I guess he found his footing better now in the idol-dominated HK Cantopop music scene.

All I can say is that, these guys are the epitome of cool and their brand of music are more to party-theme fusion oh... what the heck?? Who needs to categorize them in any way? Oh, being the naughty Jun, he did sang a song called Lazy Muther*&^%-er at the end of the performance but shove the mic to the audience during the chorus "Lazy Muther*&^%-er" line ala Leon Lai. Hahaha....wonder whether Ilyas Omar and the whole bunch of organizers were shivering in nervousness then.....

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