Monday, April 02, 2007

18th Jan - 13th Day (Ha Long Bay)

One of my favourite shots in this whole trip. The cute kid is really looking into my lense and she's incredibly cute and adorable.

With Ann from Belgium. She's a teacher and she's on a travel around Asia. They (with her best friend, Lotte) had been to Syria as well! She's friendly and cool to be with.

With Lotte (Belgium), a Biotechnologist. I remembered an embarassing incident happened when we did the hiking in the Cat Ba island. We saw a lot of different plants and assuming (which I will be very cautious of in the future) she didn't know much about tropical plants, I pointed a banana tree to her and said, "Oh, this is banana tree". And she said, "I know. I did a thesis on banana for my degree" And I was damn embarassed at that time!!! She continued to explain to me that she even traveled to Ghana to do research for her thesis. She managed to secured a export deal for the banana planters in Ghana to export their banana to Belgium after getting the organically grown certificate and broke the monopoly of South American's banana. Thing back of my own thesis during my undergraduate times.... I really tak tahu mana nak letak muka !!!

This funny guy is Rinalto from Switzerland. He is a soldier. Cool huh? Really fun with him around and he's one crazy dude!

The kissing stone (I named it myself)

Another UNO session before the boat went back to the Ha Long City.

Vietnamese staying in Ha Long Bay. I learned that they need to pay tax for their floating house. Yeah... I know... it's like, huh???

The usual suspect, CK, Sharon and Lotte. On the far right, it's the cool Czech American lecturer who teaches literature.

Lotte on candid camera. Sharon is shy...

The Asians on boat, except CK of course. She's the grandma of the cute little kid (the top pic).

Locals selling fruits to us. Nice color contrast.
Others boats around us.
The camera-hungry Rinalto. Mr. Chate and his brother on the far right with blue vest.

We were squeezing ourselves on another smaller boat to visit the islands where they filmed James Bond "Tomorrow Never Dies", the installment with Datuk Michelle Yeoh.
Picturesque Ha Long Bay 1

The filming set of "Tomorrow Never Dies"

The pic above taken at Pepperoni restaurant where we went dine and wine to round up our Ha Long Bay trip. We went to Minh's Jazz Club again and that ended our little nice friendly encounter in Ha Long Bay.

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Meng Yih said...

As your friend almost near 20 years, i knew you are really good in writting, but nom i only know you are so good in photographing too throngh your blog. Well, dunno, 是技术了得还是相机了得?hahahaha, but sincere, your holiday trip photo 好棒!