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Kinsey went to Fargo to participate in Little Miss Sunshine?

I guess the phrase next to the title in the DVD above had attract lots of blur people to buy this and ended up disliking it cox it's not what they expect it to be. Though it's really about sex, the sex here didn't refer to the graphical sex scenes or its kind. It's really about sex cox the characters talked about sex A LOT in the movie. Those who are familiar with medicine or psychological journals will find the name Kinsey ring a bell.
Even an American Jazz standard number by Cole Porter, "Too Darn Hot" also features Kinsey in its lyrics,

"According to the Kinsey report,
Every average man, you know,
He much prefers
His lovey-dovey to court
When the temperature is low"
OK, back to the film, it's a biography type which currently in-hype especially in Oscars race (think Ray, Walk the Line, The Queen etc...). Directed by Bill Condon who later on gave us good musicals such as Chicago and Dreamgirls, it's a no-frills movie. The casts gave solid performances churned out by Neeson and Linney (my personal fave). O'Donnell is here too and you can't help but feel sorry to him as he was once the hearthrob who starred in "Scent of A Woman" and "Batman and Robin".
Not to be watched together with conservative parents or friends as the sex topic were treated as normal conversation topic. Great dialogue to pay attention to.
I always wanted to watch this movie and looking high and low in official and unofficial sources for it for a couple of years and you can imagine how happy I am when I finally saw it's on display when I was in Hanoi!!! DVD version man!!! I got to know first about this movie is the fact that Frances McDormand won and Oscar for it and it was a surprise win. Not a surprise that deny McDormand's ability as a good actress but maybe there were other more fancy nominees I guess. McDormand gave a good performance here as the pregnant police officer and she's the one who drives the whole movie about a true simple kidnap-the-rich-wife-but-the-weird-stupid-hired-kidnapper-accidentally-killed-the-wife kind of movie. You will find the plot is overused now, even in HK TVB drama series. William H.Macy is perfect for the husband role here. Oh, I can't help but find similarities between McDormand and Macy's real-life wife, Felicity Huffman; both not a conventional striking beauty but great actress.

A small film but did big! Directed by a husband and wife, it's a small indie movie which managed to stole a nomination in the Best Picture category among the big studio flicks in this year's Oscar. Abigail is excellent as the title role with her innocence and bad clothes. Her spectacles enhanced the nerdy character she portrayed. Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear are excellent as the parents and Alan Arkin's performance are worth the Oscar he got knocking out Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls. As the eccentric (well... who's in that family is not eccentric?) grandpa who smokes pot (forget politically-correct characters) and choreographed his granddaughter's performance for the pageant, he's excellent!!! Steve Carrell is giving his best performance here too, exuding the aura of a failed professor both in his career and personal life who attempted an unsuccessful suicide, not the usual stupid boss in The Office.

What you learn? Everyone pretend to be normal. Isn't that very common in every family? Most of us pretend that we are very NORMAL, we are such a happy family and stuff but do we really are? 家家有本难念的经

Pics above shows the fridge magnet I had. One of them is a dialogue from the Little Miss Sunshine, "I Hate Everyone". The others are one from Erin (bought from Bali) and one from the movie "An American In Italy" (bought from Rome).

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