Friday, April 06, 2007

Nina Wang 龚如心

She was one of the richest woman in Asia, with fortune about 3 times more than Queen Elizabeth. She controlled Chinachem Group which later expanded the business area into property as well. Her life was full of drama and she was one of the famous focal points of the media, especially in Hong Kong. She was kidnapped with her husband for sky-rocketing ransom figure but released. A few years after that, her husband was kidnapped again but never being released. This led to a long court-case with her father-in-law over the massive fortune and business empire left. She lost the control of the fortune once but fought back and was given the right during the second time of the legal proceeding.

She was well-known not only for her famous court case tussle with her father-in-law but also for her unique fashion sense (think Bjork). Her famous trademark is her cutesy two pigtails hairstyle and her fondness for the traditional chinese costume. Nicknamed as 小甜甜 (or literally translated as little sweetie), she generated lots of buzz for the media.

She even launched a cartoon series with the character based on herself. This woman is definitely a legend herself. She was not the typical over-spending rich woman as she claimed her monthly expenses is about RM1400 only!!!
She passed away earlier this week, allegedly from an acute cancer. With her death, the ever-going court case over the huge fortune left and also the debacle of wife-vs-father-in-law court battle was over. HK media reported, according one the close relative, her father-in-law saying, "What comes around, goes around (因果报应)" Sigh~
Anyway, she was a brave woman who was determined in fighting for her own right and having no fear for living for herself. With all due respect, may she rest in peace.

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