Friday, April 06, 2007

Holiday and Reflection

Cheng Beng Festival (Apr 5)
Good Friday (Apr 6)
Guan Yin Deity Festival 观音旦 (Apr 6)
Easter Day (Apr 8)
Malaysians are blessed with lots of holiday. Though not every states observe the same holiday, I think East Malaysians enjoyed more. Among 4 days above, only Good Friday is observed as holiday in East Malaysia. Hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What similarity between Cheng Beng, Good Friday and Easter Day? For me, it's life and death. So, naturally lots of thinking flashed through my mind. When I listened to the HK Commercial 903 radio, the hosts were talking about the same thing as well. And maybe it's a coincidence that I had a conversation over msn and we had this conversation about death as well. I had written something in my previous post on this as well.

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