Sunday, April 01, 2007

My 21 Year Friend - Esther CLS

1st of all, I would like to wish my friend Esther, Happy Birthday. No birthday gift this year (well... if you didn't count the ciplak LP New Zealand and Japan I bought......) so I decided to dedicate this post to her as her birthday gift.

I knew her since tadika years in Sung Siew way back in 1985. Our moms knew each other when they were "nui" times already. We were classmates during primary school but went to different secondary school hence, not really seeing each other for about 5 years. But takdir menentukan that the noisiest persons gotta meet again... we went to KK to further our Form 6 in La Salle Secondary School. Not only that cox from her, I knew another great friend, Elena Pang.

(Back:L-R) : Yours truly, Bernard, Mavis (Sitting:L-R) " Jill Lee, Esther, Emily

She is:

1. My partner in crime : We had so much interest n common yet so many differences at the same time but we talked a LOT on musics (not that both of us are in the industry or experts in any musical instruments).
2. My Karaoke kaki : We like to torture people with our high-desibel cum penetrating vocal skills but we didn't give a damn of the damage done cox we just so ENJOY the singing thingy and so far the craziest thing we did was went to sing in Kotak Merah in The Curve 1-3am and we sang Justin 侧田's song " 好人" about 7 times (or more???). We used to sing since we were studying in uni time and everytime when I curi tulang to go back to civilisation (KL) after cramming myself in uni in Parit Buntar (where's tat?) and we STILL sings everytime I'm back to Sandakan (thank god we have Encore karaoke, no more disk changing outlets anymore!!!)
3. My Music Provider : She's so generous with her musics collection. Her collection ranges from the good old HK Cantopops stars' albums (you won't believe that she even had those unknown's!!!!! 张立基 anyone???)
4. My Yumcha Kaki : She's the one left in Sandakan when I want to ask someone out for some yumcha session or "blow water" session.
5. My hostel-mate : During our stay in KK for Form 6 we stayed together in Benildus House together with Cruel Angel @ Alan, Bernard Wong, Elena and Calvin Tsen (whom will be featured soon......), we were the loudest (when laughing watching TV, until Datuk Bro Charles scolded us to go back to jungle in Sepilok, proud to be from Sandakan huh?), laziest (always sleep during study time or sneaked off with excuses such as school activities).
6. She's my buddy for life!

Sharing some photos.....

Standard 6 in SRK Sung Siew (lots of my best buddies in there!!!!). Cikgu Angela is our form teacher that time. Oppss... it's 1991. Where's Esther???
This one is taken in 1989 4 Merah in SRK Sung Siew with Headmaster (Wong Hock Pin), Assistant Headmaster (Matthew Wong) and the lanky lazy teacher hahahaha (Cikgu Sharifuddin). Esther is sitting in front.

Taken in 1985 in Sung Siew Kindergarten. Esther is all about consistency cox she hasn't changed a single bit even from Kindergarten years.


Cruel Angel said...

I know you love her very much but dont need to post it twice..

Her birthday is on april fool so she had a foolish neighbour like me, a foolproof fren like you, and her pocket full of money!!


liangmoichiam said...

To CA: You know i "like" you very much la....haha...
Earned BIG bucks lagi....haha

Tan, fanks for the post and changed my name ...
Not that i don't like my full name, i just don't wanna to be more famous....hahaha...
you know la!!!
i gotta "chut lei hang" also!!

erin n mc said...

that's a very sweet entry for a life buddy, 21years of friendship, where to find??