Monday, April 02, 2007

City Magazine

City Magazine is such a rare gem among Chinese magazines. It's published in Hong Kong and hence, it's very Cantonese-infused with lots of slang in Cantonese dialects, which may draw some irks from hard-core Mandarin readers, especially in Malaysia. I bought the edition above due to its feature issue, SCHOOL OF AVANT GARDE : THE NOTEBOOK ON CITY x ZUNI (进念). The whole Jan 2007 issue is dedicated to a zuni movement which swept Hong Kong during its glory days. The zuni movement is something like the Renaissance era where most of its active pioneers are now tip-top talents in most of the art fields.

Try this game, look for familiar faces in both the pics above. You will a lot of them are the creme de la creme of their respective fields such as musics (composer, mixer or lyricist), theater activists, painter, artist, movie directors etc..... Try these names (especially if you are quite familiar with the HK scene) : 刘千石, 蔡德才@人山人海, 黄耀明, 黄伟文, 郭启华, 关本良 and 梁文道, 欧阳应齐, Susie Au, 黎达达荣, 何秀平@人山人海, 林奕华 (who are not in the pic).
"一个社会总需要有一些人在做一些实验的事" 胡恩威@ZUNI
Speaking of which I am wondering do we have such a movement who encourage such experimental stuff in Malaysia? I believe we have but the scene has not reach a collective effort yet. Malaysia boleh?

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