Monday, October 06, 2008


I saw the actor who made the nations awake early 2008 with the circulation of a video of him having sex with a woman not his wife. I was with liangmoi in the biggest hotel in Sandakan, went to play squash and while waiting for her to buy the cakes and pastries at the hotel cafe (well, it's 50% discount after 5pm)... I saw Soiled Leg walking towards the lift. Not a surprise since it's the MCA's meeting in Sabah I guess. Well well well..... scouting for support what else??? He's aiming at the Vice President post, in a 3 corner fight with with Ong Ka Chuan and Donald Lim (well, another genius who claimed that Malaysia is so good with the success of the Malaysia the 2nd home program but later revealed that his sister also migrated and also mentioned that Malaysia is VERY good already.....get this... compared to Myanmar!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Liangmoi was so stunned and she even asked me to take photo of him, which of course I didn't. She should take it and maybe asked for a signature too. Actor mah....
And then while trying to get my late lunch cum tea-time, I saw another local ADUN in Tanah Merah. Well well well, not the first time but he was like those "cool" dude sporting a polo T that used to be so "in", with the BIG polo sign at the front left, and some words on the know the type? And to add more "youthness" with his polo Tshirt collar "up"ped.
Gosh.... I wonder who will I see later on???? And that makes me wonder if I am given the opportunity to meet any politicians, who will I want it to be??? So, who will be your choice?


CruelAngel said...

Did soiled come to boast SDK economy?


He rooting for MCA "Vice" president!

If not him who else?

liangmoichiam said...

Oi, i wasn't stunned la.

I was thinking he was our "guru lukisan". ;P

Anyway, Mr Soiled looks so skinny la, how come in video looked so "muscular"? hahaha

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA, the "Ralph Lauren" polo shirt...Ha Ha. I knew some ppl who took pains to study the logo to distinguish genuine items from the Petaling Street stuff ;)

"Soiled Leg", good one.. HA HA HA.

So thick skinned lah these Barisan politicians. Why doesn't MCA just sack him? Come on!

CK said...

a good one.

i just wonder how you can draw similarity between them lah!!! so different. tat's y movie star have to starve themselves cox u will fatter on TV haha....

really? wow... things tat ppl do huh? seems like the fake ones came out much earlier than the so-called real ones....

steph said...

dun mind seeing any politician, actually seen quite a few d, anyone except d undereducated VKLiew. wasting my energy js thinking abt tis jerk.

CK said...

haha... you should share ur experience!!! but you should forgive them cox they're politicians!!! wat can you expect from them???