Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wow.... Wow.... Wow.....

"Najib must keep cronies and family at bay, says Mahathir"

The above was quoted by TDM. And he continued....

"There are several former members of parliament and experts whose advice he should seek to run the country," the former prime minister told Bernama after addressing a Malaysian youth seminar at the University of Melbourne. See??? Who do you think he means here?

"But Najib must not try to do everything himself. He must get proper advice from the right people. Aiyo... sudah terang bersuluh pulak!!!

"The votes we lost were protest votes. Malaysians were not happy and this was reflected at the ballot box," he said. Notice how he used the word "we"? Thought he left UMNO already. Now why we?

The old monster is set to barge in. Brace ourselves. Or pray hard.


Anonymous said...

That old man's head is harder than rock. KERAS KEPALA!

He thinks he know best.

for me, he has done his part, a job well done indeed.

NOW, we want something new... A true transparent gomen.

Tshing Teng said...

He's too used to his role as an advisor ( Proton and Petronas ) nowadays.

CK, so how's the "offer"?