Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wish List

Saw this wish list in Malaysiakini by Meng Yee. In a way, if Pak Liar dares to do even one of the following, I will cease to call him Pak Liar haha...

1. Insist that the trial of the decade be completed by December. Expose whoever was behind the murder of Altantuya and bring justice for the family of the deceased.
2. Unleash the ACA fully and give them the green light to bring to book any alleged corruption involving the defence ministry and the ministry of trade and industry in the last five years. Prosecute those who have plundered and robbed from the citizens.
3. Reshuffle your cabinet and bring back Zaid Ibrahim. Remove all those who challenged your presidency. Give Zaid Ibrahim a free hand in reforming the judiciary
4. Revisit and call for a royal inquiry into the 1988 judicial crises and prosecute those who have wronged the nation.
5. Investigate and prosecute all those involved in Project M where illegal immigrants flooded Sabah and were given Malaysian ICs.
6. Repeal the ISA and free all ISA detainees or bring to court those who are truly criminals.7. Implement the IPCMC for the Royal Malaysian Police

Personally, I hope to see #5 being dealt with but the possibility is highly unlikely.

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