Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Left & What's To Look Forward To?

Someone told me tat the McD's fries is the best around. Still remembered I was being laughed and almost insulted (haha......) for saying the rival, the KFC's not bad.

In the airport now waiting for flight for another few days of outstation, which explains the lack of posting here.

Economy is definitely not like what our PM-in-waiting says... Guess he's still shocked in the state of euphoria that he finally have a chance to strike the PM post.

Anyway, with news of bail out and market tumble crash everyday in the newspaper... it's really bad. Zewt's blog made me think a lot of my career and how limited sometimes the choices we are left with. Anyway, life goes on and choices are choices, need to be made.

Happy Surviving 2008.


Anonymous said...

Man McD's fries are THE BEST.
Esp in Spore, to me, with their special garlic chili sauce. YUM. ;)
KFC? I know how your fren feels.

CruelAngel said...

Try Hardees fries, bigger and better!

About choices, I would have choosen the road less taken.

eugene said...

ok, as the end of 2008 is nigh, let brace ourselves for a challenging 2009, stay strong bro, any sincerely hope the best for you and your family..

take care, enjoy your weekend

erinchong said...

Imagine my insecurity resigning work at this state of time.. but choice I must make, so it's a BIG leap of faith I'm taking..

CK said...

wow... u like McD fries also??? I'm having another go now too!!! Blame the AirAsia that always delay!!!! I just eat like tat, without any sauce. I like "yuen zap yuen mei"

thanks eugene!!!

kinda admire your courage!!! way to go!!! and enjoy philippines!!!