Monday, October 06, 2008

What A Growth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Malaysiakini, a revelation from Eric Majimbun from the left-BN SAPP during his other revelation that an unknown Filipino shared the address with him:

The peeved parliamentarian reiterated his call for a probe into the whopping 285 percent growth in population in Sabah over 30 years.
He said according to the 1970-2000 census, the population in Sabah increased from 636,431 to 2,449,389 (285%), compared to Sarawak's 106 % (from 976,269 to 2,012,616) and Peninsular Malaysia's 113 % (from 10,439,430 to 22,202,614).
My take:
Looking at the figure alone, I think SABAHANs should be concerned enough to really request for the investigation on the alleged PROJECT IC.


eugene said...

sometimes , our own ingnorance will kill us, i believe it is time Sabahan shold make the change, and change they must..

wishing you good week ahead

CK said...

yeah... hope so. more local politicians should do more about this. it's both scary and infuriating.

chongerin said...

OH NO!!!!!

CK said...

mind you... this is the OFFICIAL figure i believe. how about the "officially-unofficial" figure?